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A good sofa is high on the furniture list of many restaurants, bars and other business premises. Logical, if you consider the comfort of your customers, visitors or employees important and at the same time do not want to compromise on style and ambiance.

At Universal Mobilier we can provide you with excellent service in finding the right dining sofa, lounge sofa or even custom sofas. This way you are assured of the expertise that comes with years of experience in supplying both the most beautiful catering sofa and a functional and stylish dining area sofa. Simply choose from the extensive range on our website or visit our showrooms to see our many sofas with your own eyes.

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We see more and more that people in the catering industry opt for a seating solution that uses space efficiently, but is also decorative and comfortable at the same time. The choice for a catering bank was then quickly made. After all, a sofa has some obvious advantages over a stylish set of chairs:

  • Sofas are often more comfortable and intimate – Whether it’s a simple plastic chair or a luxury wooden chair, none of them can match the comfort and intimacy of a dining bench like the popular Safran. exposed to the environment, a good lounge sofa or wall sofa will provide your guests with the necessary privacy. In this way, even in a crowded room, they can enjoy a beneficial rest.
  • The decor – When you provide a restaurant, bar or other space with custom sofas, you notice that the atmosphere is immediately very different. A good dining area sofa provides a space with a bit of charm and charisma that you won’t be able to replicate with chairs.
  • Efficient use of your space – When you do the math, it quickly becomes apparent that chairs take up a lot more space for the same number of guests than sofas do. By making good use of a catering bench, you can organize the space in such a way that you can welcome countless guests while keeping the passage open for your staff and creating the idea of ​​​​a sea of ​​​​space.

Wall bench catering

Do you want to make even better use of the space in your catering company? Then wall benches offer a solution. This allows you to convert previously ’empty’ space into attractive, comfortable seating that also provides your guests with an excellent view of your space. Our wall benches are therefore a genuine win-win for most companies.

Lounge sofas for catering

Although the heyday of the lounge club is behind us for a while, there is one thing we fortunately don’t have to say goodbye to: The lounge sofa. The perfect combination of relaxation, comfort and style provides your space with a quirky ambiance that your guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

Tailor-made sofas

Although almost every room benefits from a good sofa, it can be difficult to find the right sofa for every room. After all, you not only want a piece of furniture that fits into your space, but also a piece of furniture that enhances your space. An object that contributes to the experience of your guests or staff. If you want to be sure that your purchase is exactly what you have in mind, you can of course order a custom sofa. In this way, your needs and wishes are incorporated into a piece of furniture that you will enjoy to the fullest for many years to come.

Have you decided that it is time to provide your company, business premises or restaurant with new benches? Then you have come to the right place. Order via our handy website and your purchase will usually be delivered or shipped as soon as possible. Prefer to get in touch first? Call or email us or visit one of our showrooms.

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